The first session attended is a free taster session. If the child enjoys it and wishes to become a member, the termly fee is paid in the following week, less the cost of the taster. If a child decides in the first term that they have changed their mind about being a member, we refund the fee minus the cost of the number of lessons taken. We charge at a rate of £5 per hour or £9.00 for two hours. This is payable termly and the exact amount depends on the length of the term. Please see below for fees for a thirteen  week term.

Little group (ages 4-6)  £65.00

Medium (ages 7-11) / Big Group( 11-18)  £117.00

Thier is a discount for children with  siblings in either the medium or big group. One sibling will pay full price and second sibling will pay 50% of the price.